The Smashing Pumpkins wrapped up their North American Shiny and Oh So Bright tour a couple of days ago in Edmonton, and Billy Corgan had a funny exchange with a fan.

He was asked about it during an Instagram fan Q&A, “Did you tell someone to shut the fuck up at the show tonight?”

Corgan responded, “Yes. He loved it. I wasn’t mad but as Neil Young likes to say, ‘these people paid good $ to hear the band, not you.’”

Corgan also thanked fans for their support of the tour on his Instagram story.

“A personal message to end tonight’s Q+A. THANK YOU to all who have attended, followed, supported, listened, liked, and shared this tour. I am eternally grateful. I am by no means a perfect person, but my gratitude is the closest thing I have to show you the kind of respect I have for SP fans.”

The Pumpkins are filming a music video for their upcoming single “Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)” off of their upcoming new album earlier this week.

Billy Corgan visited the Hart House while in Canada a few days ago.

He wrote on Instagram, “I was able to visit the famed ‘Hart House’, where legendary Canadian wrestler and promoter Stu Hart raised his family of 12 with beloved wife Helen. The same childhood home of Bret and Owen, and where Ellie brought Jim ‘The Anvil ‘ Neidhart in through marriage, as well as Diana with Davey Boy Smith. Other Hart progeny like Smith, Bruce, Keith, Wayne, Dean, and Ross also worked in the business; as wrestlers or refs or both for their company, Stampede. And on these same lawns played and trained my dear friend Nattie Neidhart, grandchild to this dynasty alongside first cousins Harry Smith, and Teddy and Angie Hart. And what pro’s trained with Stu in the vaunted ‘Dungeon?’ (essentially a cramped corner of the basement, which I got the chance to see). Tyson Kidd, Abdullah the Butcher, Brian Pullman, Chris Jerhico, Christian, Dynamite Kid, Edge, Greg Valentine, Honky Tonk Man, Jake Roberts, Justin Credible, Ken Shamrock, Lance Storm, Mark Henry, Nikolai Volkoff, Roddy Piper, and Superstar Billy Graham!

In my heart (excuse the pun), Professional Wrestling is all about tradition, legacy, a deep dedication to craft, the hard work needed and of course, family; both real and earned. And no family is more closely tied to that ethos than the Hart’s. I am so blessed to know the family, hear their stories, and be counted among them. And I was honored to be there the night Stu was inducted into the @WWE Hall of Fame, sitting next to Nattie. A night I’ll never forget. Where I rubbed shoulders with living legends, who had sacrificed mind, body, and soul to entertain wrestling’s great fans. Selfishly, this is the ethos that I want for the new NWA of 2018 and beyond as we celebrate our 70th year. The grit of history, a history which tough, rugged men like Stu Hart built with their bare hands. So I say humbly God bless Stu and Helen and all who came to this house, or were raised in it. I am inspired by what they made, and together, as family.”

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