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Silent Planet Respond to Fan’s Emotional Reaction Video for Their New Song

Silent Planet Respond to Fan’s Emotional Reaction Video for Their New Song

Last week (Sept. 17), California metalcore mainstays Silent Planet unleashed their latest single, "Terminal," alongside the announcement of their fourth studio album, Iridescent, out Nov. 12.

Following the song's release, one Silent Planet fan shared an overjoyed and somewhat tearful reaction video for the moody track and its wistful music video. The reviewer — Bogdan Punyak, who uploads reviews and vocal covers as Hard Core — extolled the enigmatic nature of the band's sound and noted the contributions of each member. Soon after, Silent Planet vocalist Garrett Russell responded to the reaction video in kind.

"this video is making me emotional," Russell replied on Twitter with a link to the listener's reaction clip. "emotionception. nothing compares to the feeling of releasing a song and watching it become someone else's song. it's a beautiful thing. music rules."

In his reaction, Punyak calls "Terminal" and its accompanying instrumental coda "(liminal);" an "insane experience" that's "fucking ethereal. The vocals, the production — such a mysterious sound." 

As he wipes wetness from his eyes, watching the music video in real time, he says he "[hasn't] had a more strong reaction to anything ever, than I'm having to this song."

Punyak adds, "You guys have murdered it. You guys have killed it so much, I can't even use 'kill' anymore because I need to use a more severe word. … So you guys absolutely murdered it."

Watch the reaction video and the Silent Planet "Terminal / (liminal);" music video below. Pre-order and pre-save Iridescent here; see the album art and tracklisting beneath the clips. Silent Planet previously shared Iridescent singles "Panopticon" and "Trilogy."

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Hard Core (Bogdan Punyak), Silent Planet "Terminal" Reaction Video

Silent Planet, "Terminal / (liminal);" Video

Silent Planet, Iridescent Art + Tracklist

Solid State Records

1. "112"
2. "Translate the Night"
3. "Trilogy"
4. "Second Sun"
5. "Panopticon"
6. "The Sound of Sleep"
7. "Alive, as a Housefire"
8. "Terminal"
9. "(liminal);"
10. "Anhedonia"
11. "Till We Have Faces"
12. "Iridescent"

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