Iowa-based Nraakors have released a remarkable album titled Hoppel Poppel, gracing audiences with nineteen original compositions spanning multiple genres. James Kasper, Joseph Norman, Gigi Macabre, and John combined their efforts to record and produce this undefinable piece of magic. 

From French film score and neoclassical compositions to folk/rock songs and Jazz moods, they impress with the versatility and eclectic vision of their art, inviting the listener on a memorable trip through different eras. 

Both nostalgic and originally imagined, this catalog of songs also includes an inventive electronic track, “Rites,” with synthesizer and applied live electronics

An intense passion for music emanates from each and every of Hoppel Poppel’s compositions, thanks to each artist’s infinite dedication and love for what they so brilliantly do. Listening to Nraakors’ new album is like going from one surprise to another, while listening to incredibly well curated and performed music. 

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