Lari White enters hospice at age 52 |

The singer is suffering from advanced peritoneal cancer

Nineties country singer Lari White has been admitted to a hospice care facility in Nashville after being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form cancer. The singer’s mother, Yvonne White, revealed the news CaringBridge late last week.

“Lari was not able to do her treatment on Tuesday… She has been fighting the most valiant battle anyone could possibly imagine, staying strong and loving, courageous and determined…always thinking others, especially Chuck and her beautiful children. She wanted to be at home; be with them, love on them as long as possible, and have their loving care… Her Mother’s Heart has been a miracle to behold, always!” the elder White fers.

“Last night Lari was admitted to a wonderful Hospice facility here in Nashville, where she has all the Care she needs to make her comfortable and quiet for this part the Journey, and where she is completely surrounded by loving family… Chuck, the children, her sister and brother, nephew and sisters-in-law, Mother and Father. The staff is excellent: kind, caring and competent. We are thankful, and grateful to God for the miracle Hospice Care. Because the way this superb program is designed,  we have been able to be there for her…to pray, to sing, to read to her, to love on her…and each other. Her sister (an experienced Hospice Chaplain from Seattle) was able to spend the night with her.”

The 52 year old White is a singer, songwriter, actress and vocal coach. In November, she revealed that she was diagnosed with advanced peritoneal cancer in September 2017. She shared the news her AristWorks blog, advising her students she could no longer share her knowledge with them, after undergoing a series tests and a surgery.

“The surgery revealed advanced Peritoneal Cancer. Since then a series complications including pain management, pneumonia and a bowel obstruction requiring emergency surgery has kept me in and out the hospital fighting for my life. This is, course, my focus for the foreseeable future,” she writes.

“It has been my joy to share some the vocal techniques I use and I hope you will all continue with your journey to become better singers.

“I am so very sorry I cannot be available for you all right now or in the upcoming future. Two more cycles chemo, another major surgery and keeping on top medicine and treatment has me bedridden most the time. This will continue through the rest 2017 and 2018.”

White had a string hits in Nineties including “That’s My Baby,” “Now I Know” and “That’s How You Know (You’re In Love).” She’s appeared in Cast Away with Tom Hanks and alongside Tim McGraw and Gwyneth Paltrow in Country Strong. She’s married to songwriter Chuck Cannon and the couple have two daughters and a son together.

Late last year, the couple had to cut back on writing and touring commitments which have affected their finances significantly. A GoFundMe page has been created to help the couple fset medical costs. As this writing, more than $93k the $100k goal has been raised in two weeks.