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Iggy Pop Releases New Song ‘Frenzy’ Featuring Duff McKagan + Chad Smith

Iggy Pop Releases New Song ‘Frenzy’ Featuring Duff McKagan + Chad Smith

Punk godfather and The Stooges icon Iggy Pop returned on Friday (Oct. 28) with the new song "Frenzy."

The first fruits of the 75-year-old singer's work with in-demand producer Andrew Watt, the track features musical backing from Guns N' Roses' Duff McKagan and Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith. And in the tune's refrain, Iggy sounds just as pissed off as he ever was.

"I'm in a frenzy / You fuckin' prick / I'm in a frenzy / You goddamn dick."

Watt, who plays guitar on the song, tells Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, "The first line of the song cannot make you not hysterically laugh. I mean, it is Iggy as it gets."

The producer continues, "I'm such a fan of The Stooges. I'm such a fan of the records he made with [David] Bowie. I love Kill City. … I just got with Duff and Chad who are… I'm like, 'Okay, who do I want to do this with? Who loves Iggy?' Chad is Detroit, man — he is from Detroit. Iggy is his hero."

Watt further explains, "The three of us got together, and it was just kind of like, what do we want to hear Iggy sing on? … The first thing we made was this song called 'Frenzy.' Because we were like, 'Okay, this works.' … It's guitar, bass and drums. That's it."

The song will appear on Every Loser, Iggy Pop's forthcoming album for Watt's new label imprint, Gold Tooth Records. Fans of Ozzy Osbourne will recognize the team of Watt, McKagan and Smith as having worked together on the former Black Sabbath singer's latest two solo albums, Patient Number 9 (2022) and Ordinary Man (2020). Watt first came to prominence producing material for pop and hip-hop artists such as Post Malone, Cardi B, Lana Del Rey, Future and 5 Seconds of Summer, among others.

Listen to "Frenzy" below.

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Iggy Pop, "Frenzy" (Official Audio)

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