American songwriter, producer and musician Colin Brittain has been captivating listeners with his latest production, “Dirty Laundry,” by JoJo and Parson James.  

Raised in Tennessee, Colin Brittain’s childhood revolved around music, his father being a musician, playing drums in a country band. With all kinds of instruments around the house, Brittain got used to jamming since he was a young boy. Since then, the talented boy has come a long way, standing as today’s most acclaimed producers, especially in the rock, metal, and punk genres, but not only. 

He has worked with Avicii, Papa Roach, and ONE OK ROCK, among many others. His new production, “Dirty Laundry” is a heartfelt take on platonic love and the immeasurable feeling one gets when fully supported by a friend or lover. 

Brittain has a very busy schedule, and he selects the projects he undertakes by checking one criteria; the music, the main reason why each of his collaborations overflows with passion. 

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