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Chris Cornell's family launches human rights awareness campaign |

Chris Cornell's family launches human rights awareness campaign |

Cornell’s children and celebrity friends band together for human rights

Chris Cornell is featured in a new video that has been released in conjunction with his Grammy nominated song “The Promise.” In the clip, Cornell’s children, Toni, Lily, and Christopher vow to continue to honor their late father’s pledge to raise awareness for human rights. A number stars have come together to show their support and solidarity for the cause as well, including Elton John, Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand, George Clooney, and many more.

As part his long career as a songwriter and performer, Cornell wrote and recorded the title song for The Promise (2017), the first feature film to highlight the story the Armenian genocide. All proceeds from the film have gone toward human rights causes, including creation the Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA School Law. Cornell donated all his proceeds from the song to the International Rescue Committee. In November, the song received a nomination for best rock performance at the 2018 Grammy Awards.

Last month, a coalition led by Vicky Cornell, the wife the late singer, created an endowed fund more than $1 million to support student scholarships at UCLA School Law. The Chris Cornell Scholarship honors Cornell’s commitment to justice, human rights and advocacy for those in need. Members the coalition include several friends and colleagues Cornell as well as supporters UCLA Law.

Cornell’s career began in 1984, when he founded the trailblazing Seattle-based band Soundgarden. A chief architect the 1990s grunge movement and one the most powerful voices in rock, Cornell later had a successful career as a solo artist and founder Audioslave. He reunited with Soundgarden in 2010. Selling more than 30 million records worldwide, Cornell forged a unique identity over three decades as a Grammy Award-winning, Golden Globe-nominated singer, guitarist, composer and lyricist. Cornell died in May 2017 at the age 52, but his artistic and humanitarian legacy lives on.

Fans are encouraged to post their Promise videos on social media using the hashtag #keepthepromise.