Laszlo Jones gives us a taste of heaven and hell on his latest sonic and visual masterpiece, the music video “In The Morning.” His sophisticated blend of pop, soul, rock, metal and electro brings together far apart genres in a free and flowing way. 

From modern warfare, bombings and the calm and peacefulness the next day’s morning, Jones has set the bar at its highest by imagining a story that would somehow encapsulate life’s very essence. For the visuals, he has transposed the warfare element to a couple fighting, and the wife ending up killing her man. The next day, she wakes up dancing as if everything was ok. 

Laszlo Jones was born in Beirut from a Dutch and Hungarian Father and a Lebanese mother. 

He was inspired by one of his childhood’s events to write this beautiful song, growing-up in Lebanon and being a direct witness to a near-by bombing. 

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