Somebody needs to check on . The producer has been acting erratically on social media for weeks,  and . After earning support from , who empathized with the beatmaker in a preview to a new song, Chop seemingly went against the big fella for mentioning his name on wax.

The Big Speaker was simply commenting on the situation that has been playing out on social media, wishing Young Chop well and  because his recent antics.

"My heart goes out to Young Chop, the industry they gon' blackball him," raps Gates on the unreleased song.

The producer continued his recent string very strange behavior by commenting on the video, seemingly dissing the Baton Rouge Bread Winner in his response.

"Him mad @iamkevingates," wrote Young Chop on the post.

While his reply would be understandable if Gates were dissing the producer, he's doing the exact opposite on the record. Perhaps Chop didn't understand the bar and believed that the I'm Him rapper was coming for him. Alternatively, maybe the two are discussing somebody else not involved in the video.

Nevertheless, Young Chop should probably consider taking some time f the internet.