One the artists we were excited to watch grow this year was YNW Melly, a young 20-year-old rapper who was making waves in Florida and across the nation. . He has a deep catalog music but his future stands in one person's hands: his judge. YNW Melly has been accused murdering his two friends in cold blood and . Melvin was in court today for a regular hearing and cameras managed to pick up the rapper looking happy.

YNW Melly Laughs & Smiles During Double Murder Court Hearing: Watch
Broward's Sheriff's Office Getty s

As reported by TMZ, YNW Melly is seemingly thinking positively about his chances getting out.  and his facial expression seems to show once again that he's very confident. Despite him walking into the room timidly, he conversed with his attorneys and cracked a smile on more than one occasion. He could be spotted in his jumpsuit and shackles as he spoke to his legal team, who were seemingly joking with him.

Melly doesn't seem too bothered by his pending trial. Do you think he'll be proven innocent?