The country’s first Covid-19 vaccines could are currently being given across the nation. This comes after the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine received green lights from the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The first shipments of the vaccine arrived in all 50 states on Monday, with more on the way. But the pandemic isn’t over yet. Doctors warn there are a few things you shouldn’t do until things are under control.

Don’t rush to your doctor to get a vaccine. It will be months before most people can receive the vaccine, so be patient and don’t rush out to your doctor’s office or pharmacy in hopes of getting one right away.

Don’t stop wearing masks in public. Masks will continue to be the most crucial tool in the fight against Covid. And this is even as shots are being administered.


Please do not stop social distancing. Throughout the pandemic, social distancing has gone hand in hand with masks, and that doesn’t change now. It simply can’t change now. 

We are heading into a new phase. However, we have to maintain the practices that have kept a lot of us safe. We will keep you all updated as we move forward as a country. 

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