Everyone has a friend that you wish would hold some bad stories in? That may be the case for Lil Wayne as Turk hit the Off The Porch series hosted by Dirty Glove Bastard and told a crazy tale about their Hot Boys days.

Turk detailed a night he and Weezy were out in Houston and contracted crabs from a wild night with a couple of sisters. If that’s not bad enough, Turk then detailed her and Wayne likely gave it to the mothers of their children.

“Me and Wayne actually caught crabs and everything together bro,” Turk said. “That was like my little bro, you feel me? We caught crabs from these two sisters from Houston. Literally! We were fucking these two sisters and we just got on a tour bus and niggas was itching. They were like, ‘Man, fuck wrong with y’all?’ And I’m itching and he’s like, ‘You niggas must got crabs!’”

You can see the full story from Turk below. 

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