Melania Trump went viral again for avoiding Donald Trump’s hand (again).

The First Family arrived back to Washington after a weekend in New Jersey and Trump tried to make a sweet gesture and reach out for the First Lady’s hand as they descended from Air Force One on Sunday. But she said “not today, Satan!” and avoided holding his hand.

Trump’s mother didn’t raise a quitter, and he made several attempts to hold her left hand but she wasn’t with it.


To play Devil’s advocate, she was clutching her purse with the same hand and appeared to be holding down her dress. But we’ve all seen in recent years that the Trumps aren’t your average married couple.

“I actually believe Trump’s hand grabbing of Melania has absolutely nothing to do with chivalry & everything to do with his immobility. The fact that she refuses to steady him is hilarious!” one Twitter user wrote.

“She will not take that mans hand! And it’s so obvious the way she pulls away. She hates him. Isn’t that a picture of loving parents in front of their son?” another person tweeted. “Please give me The Obama’s love story back.”

One Twitter user came to Trump’s defense. “Well let’s see. It’s super windy. She can barely see [as she’s] coming down. Maybe her jacket will blow up? I’m no lover of her and trump, but maybe this time it is what it is?”

What are your thoughts? Check out the video below:

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