Vancouver Singer for Clown-Themed Iron Maiden Cover Band Arrested for Allegedly Smuggling $7 Million  Drugs into Japan

Here's a story that you don't read every day — the frontman for a Vancouver-based, clown-themed Iron Maiden cover band called Powerclown has been arrested for allegedly trying to struggle $7 million worth drugs into Japan.

As Global reports, Vancouver musician Daniel Whitmore was arrested at Tokyo's Narita International Airport on December 11, where he was allegedly attempting to smuggle nearly 10 kilograms worth stimulant drugs in a concealed guitar case and tea canisters. Japan has a famously strict zero-tolerance policy for drug fences. If convicted, Whitmore will likely face at least 10 years in prison.

Whitmore fronted Powerclown, adopting the stage name Dicksee Diànno in reference to Paul Di'Anno. He also performed solo under the moniker Dan Scum.

According to Global, Whitmore may have been coerced into smuggling the drugs on their tour. On his Facebook page mere days before the Japan trip, he wrote, "Are you an Asian drug dealer? Because you're bringing me down."

Powerclown guitarist Sketchy Klown released a statement about his bandmate's arrest:

Watch Global's report on the arrest below.

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