It's High Noon.  recently took to Twitter to inform Lil X that, in essence, this town ain't big enough for the both em'. Though it has been a minute since we've heard from Ugly God, who once held the keys to the fabled Meme Kingdom, it would appear he's been nursing a grudge late. Said grudge is aimed squarely at Lil Nas X, who  Meanwhile, Ugly God has been sitting in the saloon, imbibing on that dark elixir, getting himself good and worked up. The "I Beat My Meat" rapper found himself sending a few shots at Nas X in a since-deleted Tweet.

Ugly God Calls Out Lil Nas X For "Style Jacking"

It's a strange approach to take, given Ugly God's own self-imposed absence from the rap game. Why not simply allow a fellow meme rapper his time in the spotlight? Or reach out for a collaboration? The notion desiring due credit is understandable, but Ugly God's hostile attitude feels closer to "Outlaw" on the moral spectrum. Might the pair not bond over a shared love "bull-riding and boobies?" Harsher feuds have been squashed over less.

In the meantime, look for Ugly God to mount his comeback in the imminent future, as well as further music from Lil Nas X. You can't keep a good cowboy down.