One place where a fight is guaranteed to take place is a Love & Hip Hop reunion special. The Miami cast is finishing up their latest season, and the reunion didn't disappoint. Hosted by Fox Soul's Claudia Jordan, the Love & Hip Hop Miami cast joined together to look back on the ins and outs their drama-filled season.

Julilan Boothe, manager to and Amara La Negra, has faced some serious accusations. Trina claimed that Jullian, her business partner, scammed her, The One. During the reunion, Jullian came face-to-face with his accusers, and the conversation sent over the edge.

After leaving the stage, an irate Trick Daddy returned and let his frustrations be felt. " what the f*ck is going on," Trick said. "You remember selling songs mine overseas?" At first, Jullian asks him what he's talking about. Then he asks Trick, "Did you not get paid every dollar?" "No!" the rapper replies.

"Man, soon as I get a chance," Trick continues. "You a **** ass liar... Sittin' up here lying. I'll make you leave Miami ****!" More expletives were shouted by Trick Daddy while Julian sat in stunned silence. Check out Trick Daddy lay down the law below.