Tory Lanez is making headlines again after getting called out by the rapper Young Bleu. The new feud comes after Tory Lanez released his own version of Young Bleu’s “You’re Mines Still.” Additionally, Young Bleu originally released his song in October. Young Bleu’s song was blessed by Drake, as he was featured on the track.

Yesterday, Tory Lanez dropped his version, putting his own spin on it Thursday, Feb. 11th. Quickly after posting it, he removes it from Youtube. He then goes to repost the song, claiming he posted the wrong version. He goes on to announce the extended version is in his bio.

“Sorry guys,” he says on his Instagram caption. “I accidentally uploaded the shorter version of the freestyle.”

Young Bleu is then seen taking to social media, calling out Tory Lanez for not acknowledging him. “Remixes cool but show love ! Y’all n*ggas weird !” Bleu wrote in the caption to an Instagram post.


“@torylanez I reached out to u on some let’s work sh*t. U never responded that’s cool ! Never gone get mad at that ! but u wanna remix my song and dnt even acknowledge a young n*gga tryna come up. U rap n*ggas be on some hoe sh*t. Ain’t no more biting my tongue with you n*ggas ! If u liked my song enough to remix it at least @ a n*gga coming up In the same lane. Show love ! N*ggas be acting scary ima come direct ain fenna subtweet sh*t.”

Bleu doesn’t stop there. He goes on to upload a heated video about the incident. Young Bleu appears very heated about the situation and goes on to threaten the Toronto singer. Lanez has yet to respond. On his Instagram, Lanez’s remix is still posted as well.

Do you think Young Bleu is overreacting or he’s justified?

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