A couple years ago, Todd Gurley was considered to be one the best running backs in the entire league and he was starting to get paid like it. In 2018, he signed a $60 million deal with the team and that same season, he helped lead the Rams to the Super Bowl. During that same postseason, he suffered an injury to his knee which severely affected his production. This past season, Gurley was a shell his former self and it was becoming clear that his injury woes were hurting the Rams.

Today,  According to Adam Schefter ESPN, the Rams were unable to find a deal and decided to release Gurley, thus making him a free agent. The Rams made this move today because it means they don’t have to pay him the $10.5 million he was owed.

In total, Gurley only made $26 million from his $60 million deal which just goes to show how tough it is to be a running back these days. There is certainly a team that could use him right now but he is well outside his prime right now.

The Rams recently put out a video in which they thanked the running back for his time with the team.