*Spoilers* The Tiger King wave is the latest documentary craze to take over social media. The Netflix series is one the more bizarre shows that the streaming network has fered this year thus far, and it's clear that Joe Exotic is on his way to becoming a cult classic icon. The incarcerated star is being held behind bars on charges related to to kill his big cat-loving nemesis, Carole Baskins. Aside from the mystery surrounding Carole's missing husband, another wild take from Tiger King was Joe Exotic's ability to persuade "straight" men to marry him while delivering drugs to feed their addictions.

One Joe Exotic's husbands, John Finlay, revealed that not only has he fixed his teeth, but he was never legally married to Joe. Finlay sat down with David Spade to chat about his newfound fame and to dish on the docuseries that has shaken the world. Now that he's f drugs and has a brand new grill, he's barely recognizable.  was over, he ran f with a woman and had a child. Now, he's engaged to someone else and has put his relationship with Joe behind him.

John Finlay also shared that he was  or their third partner, Travis Maldonado (who died after accidentally shooting himself in the head). Watch David Spade attempt to deliver jokes that John Finlay just didn't catch in their 10-minute social distancing interview below.