We could all use a little levity given the current predicament facing the world, and what is Seth MacFarlane’s madcap masterpiece Family Guy if not a purveyor exactly that? All things considered, it was inevitable that Stewie & Brian would have a few musings on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and while production on the series has come to a halt, that hasn’t stopped MacFarlane and company from doing what they do best — improvising. 

Stewie & Brian Talk Coronavirus On "Family Guy" Podcast

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Today, Seth MacFarlane uploaded a makeshift podcast sorts, complete with crude albeit charming animation. Having expended all board game options, including the dreaded last resort Sorry, Stewie and Brian Family Guy fame decide to whip up a five-minute podcast addressing the state affairs. “Before we start Brian, I’m going to need you to take my temperature,” begins Stewie. “I think you know how.” 

The pair proceed to rattle f a few ble options for battling corona-induced boredom, but not before Brian attempts to heal the global wound with a spirited rendition John Lennon’s “Imagine.” It doesn’t take long for his partner to nip that in the bud, making it clear that inspirational public singalongs are f-limits even in a pandemic. “Obviously, one the main problems right now is panic buying,” addresses Brian, who proceeds to fer up some life-hacks to combat a possible toilet paper shortage. “If you own a tie, you have toilet paper,” suggests Stewie. “I would recommend scooting your ass on the lawn,” fers Brian, ever resourceful. 

For more advice from the iconic Family Guy duo, check out the full “podcast” below. 

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