over the past couple weeks and to pass the time, . In his latest IG live session, the Miami Heat discussed a wide range topics that had to do with the NBA. At one point, Wade was asked about none other than the Golden State Warriors. 

The commenter wanted to know what makes Curry so special aside from his shot. Wade was quick to answer, noting that Curry is always running around the court and plays extremely well f the ball.

“He’s like the nicest person in the world,” Wade said. “But one Steph’s greatest strength that a lot people — some people talk about — but a lot people don’t because they talk about all the 3s and the ball-handling, is Steph never stops moving f the ball. You guys see when Steph gives the ball up, that’s when he’s his most dangerous and that’s crazy to think, right? Because when he has the ball, he’s unguardable. But when he does not have the ball, forget about it.”

Curry and the Warriors have had their fair share problems this year although we're sure once Klay Thompson is healthy, they will be up to their usual bag tricks. Just talking about Curry is making us crave the return NBA basketball.