had some unsolicited advice for Ari Lennox amid her wig-gluing struggles: “grown your own hair.” The R&B star, , invited her followers to watch as she attempted to secure her new wig onto her head. Ari was having some trouble getting the lace to glue properly to her scalp, narrating the journey along the way. “So I guess I gotta cut more lace?” sherhetorically asked her viewers. When one keen observer advised her to use a wig cap for better stability, she asked, “Where am I supposed to get a wig cap?” She seemed to eventually have some luck, praying to the lord for the wig to stay in place all the while, but it was not without some difficulty.

Snoop Dogg came across Ari’s obstacles with her tresses on an IG post by The Shade Room, where the account pointed out that she was “having the fight her life with that wig.” Snoop proceeded to respond with some (lowkey shady) advice about how she could overcome these challenges. “Grown your own hair,” he wrote on the post. “What happened to those days?]”

It’s an interesting comment to make, considering Ari is almost always seen wearing her hair natural, styled in some kind updo like a top bun or a ponytail.  after he slammed Gayle King for her controversial Kobe question, by siding with Snoop about Gayle and Oprah allegedly trying to “tear down the legacies phenomenal black men.” She has yet to respond to Snoop’s comment about her hair.