New York Knicks fans everywhere were . Despite having the worst record in the NBA, the Knicks only had a 14 percent chance receiving the first pick, which is projected to be Zion Williamson out . Instead,  who will be getting the opportunity to draft Zion, while the Knicks will have to settle for someone else.

While many were upset about the Knicks fortunes, others were absolutely delighted. Former NBA legend Shaq was one those who was happy to see the Knicks get punched in the gut once again.

"I'm so happy that the Knicks didn't get their first pick," Shaq told TMZ. "I'm here in NYC] the next day, Knick fans are so pissed and I'm loving it!"

Aside from the Knicks, Shaq also spoke about some the best prospects in the draft and who certain teams should be going for. For Shaq, there is one wild card that everyone should be keeping their eyes on.

"The guy everyone should be looking at is Bol Bol," Shaq said. "Bol Bol can play. He's the real deal."

The NBA Draft will go down next month on June 20th.