With the steady legalization marijuana, more and more people are getting into the pot business. , and course, who can forget the industries favorite stoners, Seth Rogen and , both whom have their own companies: Rogen with his , and Snoop with his . With new opportunities appearing in a novice industry on the steady incline, there's sure to be a lot interest garnered around investing your efforts, time and money into it. And unsurprisingly, there are now college courses that could teach you to do just that. 

As The Wall Street Journal reports, the University Maryland (UMD) and Cornell University are now both fering courses in cannabis. UMD’s School Pharmacy announced back in June that it would be fering a master’s degree in medical cannabis, and Cornell’s School Integrative Plant Science will fer a course in the upcoming semester called “Cannabis: Biology, Society and Industry. While UMD’s master’s program will place its focus on “the areas basic science, clinical use, adverse effects and public health, and federal and state laws and policies surrounding medical cannabis,” Cornell’s course will “explore the history, culture, pharmacology, breeding, horticulture and legal challenges associated with cannabis in an effort to inform and stimulate new ideas towards solving these problems, motivating future plant breeders, horticulturists, farmers, pharmacologists, and entrepreneurs to be successful in the cannabis industry.” 

Cornell’s Program Director Agricultural Sciences, Antonio DiTommaso told the publication:“I advise a lot students in a lot majors and they’re all like, this is going to be cool," adding "I think some it is just a novelty, but it’s really going to be based on the cropping, the agronomics, the medicinal aspect, the chemistry, consumer attitudes and policy.” As per Fox Business, Marijuana is legal for recreational use in 11 states and Washington, D.C. and is legal for medical use in 22 other states, with the industry having added thousands jobs last year. To encourage the growth educational programs and courses relating to it, a few cannabis companies have taken to partnering with universities, and according to the Journal, Chicago-based company, Cresco Labs, has partnered with 10 universities to create courses, fer scholarships and encourage research in the field.