has been relatively quiet since dropping f Kamikaze in 2018, emerging from the shadows to lay down verses for , Conway, , and . Even amidst increasing vitriol from and Lord Jamar, Slim has opted to keep quiet and focus on the task at hand. As such, speculation a new album began to circulate, despite any lack concrete details. Thankfully, HipHopNMore sat down for a dope conversation with producer Symbolyc 1, aka S1, who confirmed that Em was putting in some serious work.

S1 Confirms Eminem Has Been Recording Lots Of New Music

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Coming f contributions to Em's "Nice Guy" and "Normal," HHNM openly whether Em was crafting his tenth studio album, prompting an intriguing response from S1. "I’ve been working with Eminem quite a bit," he reveals. "They’re always real quiet and real secretive but I just know he’s been cutting a lot records so we’ll see what happens with that."

Aside from working with Em, S1 also reveals he's been contributing to 's upcoming album, which has been all but confirmed for a 2020 release. Clearly, the storied producer is looking at another big year. As are the fans. Be sure to check out the whole interview over at HHNM, and sound f below -- are you excited for a new project from Slim Shady?