Numerous hip-hop fans have been reflecting on the life as  He was shot and killed outside his store in California and the hip-hop community is still looking for answers as to why it happened. Since his passing, numerous fans have created tributes in Hussle's honor and today, there has been an outpour support. 

, there are plenty those in the sports world who have done the same thing. Kyrie Irving recently took to social media where he stated "I didn't know you personally Nip, but just know you inspired me beyond measure. Thank you." Russell Westbrook was one the athletes who knew Nipsey and shared a message his own on Twitter.

Some the other athletes who came through with messages support are none other than Dez Bryant, DeSean Jackson, and Victor Oladipo. Isaiah Thomas had a special connection with Nipsey and shared a note on Twitter stating "We love you Hussle man." 

Michael Thomas the NFL had a similar message and so did Matt Barnes who shared a hyper-realistic Nipsey tattoo. These messages just go to show how well-respected Nipsey was in the world. His influence transcended music and into other walks life.