The "who's your top five?" question in hip hop is a conversation starter that has a tendency to turn into a heated debate no matter what it's referencing. Top five albums? Top five collectives? Top five features? Hip hop fans take ranking quite seriously, and  to share  He wanted to reach out publicly to any visual artists out there who could put together a Last Supper-style painting and the responses were dripping with talent.

"I need a painting j Cole drake nipsey Kanye and all . That’s my top 5. Who got me?" asked before adding, "Also add these producers to it too. Storch. Dre. Kanye. Boi1da. . Those my top 5 producers in no order. I need the painting on some last supper GOAT sh*t."

It looks as if Russ will have more than enough options to choose from and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with for his artistic collaboration...but let's get back to the topic his Top Fives. Do you think that ,  and Eminem are deserving the position? And how about his choices for producers? Are Scott Storch, , Kanye, , and Timbaland the best beatmakers in the game?