The Rugrats is the latest series to get revived from the 90s.

Mark Mothersbaugh, who is best known for composing the music for the Rugrats franchise, told Billboard that he worked on the theme song for the show’s revival.

“We’re working on the new Rugrats. They’re bringing it back. I worked on the theme song again, updated it a little bit, and my brother is doing the episodes and new songs for that right now,” he said.


The 70-year-old spoke about getting vaccinated for COVID-19 following a near-fatal battle with the virus. “I got a vaccine shot, because I’m old enough for it, a couple days ago. I got the response people usually get from their second vaccine shot, so I must’ve had antibodies in my body already. I’ve had a fever the last couple days, so I’m just now standing up again. That was a lot of fun.”

Rugrats ran on Nickelodeon for 13 years and was followed by a spinoff, All Grown Up!, and three movies. Additionally, Chuckie Finster’s character design was inspired by Mothersbaugh. He created the infectious theme song that was eventually sampled for The Rugrats Movie soundtrack for “Take Me There” by Blackstreet, Mya, Mase, and Blinky Blink.

How do you feel about the series revival?

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