may be on a permanent hiatus, but that doesn't mean that members the collective aren't still on good terms with the Shady Records founder. with throughout the years, and the rapper was recently asked if he prefers to hit the studio alone or to collaborate with other artists. In an interview with DJ Smallz, Royce used Em, Preme, and Slaughterhouse to explain the differences in how much work is put into a project.

Royce Da 5'9" Calls Eminem A "Superhero," Talks "Fun" Slaughterhouse Days
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"I don't prefer one over the other," Royce said. "Slaughterhouse, I gotta do a little more work. When I'm working with Marshall, I don't have to do as much work. When I'm working with Preme, I still don't have to do as much work because he's gon' make all the beats. He's gon' mix everything. I get a little meticulous when it comes to approving mixes, but outside that, all I really gotta do is rap in those two situations. So, that's one the things that makes those two situations..."

"Now, the Slaughterhouse thing, it's an interesting situation because it's something that we built," Royce continued. "It's something that we built that some people didn't believe in. So,. It's more us, there's other rapper, more than just one other rapper." He interrupted his thought to say that he doesn't even classify Eminem as an emcee.

"Em ain't even a rapper no more," Royce stated. "He's like a superhero.", saying that it was "a lotta fun" because they would get together and drink into the night when they'd "all become comedians in our own little way." Watch Royce Da 5'9" talk about his collaborative preferences below.