Robert Kraft arranged for over 1 million N95 masks, used by health workers to protect themselves amid increased exposure to coronavirus, to be sent to the United States from China, using the Patriots jet to fly all the supplies back. As the U.S. experiences major shortages  crucial protective equipment, such as masks and gloves,  Patriots owner Robert Kraft is among these people, as he reportedly negotiated with some folks in power around the world to have tons N95 masks provided to the U.S. Not only that, but  to pick up the supplies in Shenzhen, China, and bring them back to the States.

Robert Kraft Sends Patriots Jet To China To Bring Back 1.2 Million N95 MasksMaddie Meyer/Getty s

The plane arrived in Shenzhen on Thursday morning (April 2nd), and could only remain grounded for three hours while suited-up workers loaded the equipment onboard. Although the plane was upgraded to bear the extra cargo, Kraft's initial agreement 1.7 million masks took up too much space, so the plane ended up only only bringing back the 1.2 million that could fit. Kraft reportedly spent "several million dollars" on the mission, and was thanked by Charlie Baker, the Governor  Massachusetts where the majority the masks will be sent.

Robert Kraft Sends Patriots Jet To China To Bring Back 1.2 Million N95 MasksOmar Rawlings/Getty s


"No days f," Baker said. "Thanks to some serious teamwork, Massachusetts is set to receive over 1 million N95 masks for our front-line workers. Huge thanks to the Krafts and several dedicated partners for making this happen." The plan is for the MA National Guard to deliver the masks to a central stockpile in Marlborough. , 300,000 the masks will be reportedly be delivered to New York.

Robert Kraft Sends Patriots Jet To China To Bring Back 1.2 Million N95 MasksAl Bello/Getty s

"It is an honour for our family to be a part this humanitarian mission," said Kraft in a statement. "We knew that purchasing greatly-needed N95 masks and providing the Patriots plane to expedite their delivery to local hospitals would immediately help protect our courageous healthcare pressionals. Multiple organizations across the public and private sectors, all which were in lockstep with Governor Charlie Baker's visionary leadership, worked together to execute this mission with the purpose helping save lives. I truly hope that in doing so, we can in some way inspire others to find creative ways to give more in support our doctors, nurses and first responders. It's nice to care for those who provide such compassionate care for us."