and took some lighthearted digs at each other about coronavirus in the comments yet another one DJ Spade's Instagram live streams, and it looks like was a little jealous their back-and-forth. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic reached new heights, forcing everyone to stay home with nothing to do,  Stars have taken to interacting with fellow celebrities in the comments their peers' IG live streams, at times dragging each other with love for the sake relieving boredom. Since famous folks can't link up with their famous friends IRL anymore, what better place to catch up than in the comments an IG live sesh?

Rihanna Teases Kevin Durant About Coronavirus, Drake IntervenesThearon W. Henderson/Getty s

That's exactly the attitude that Bad Gal Riri possessed when she tuned into another one DJ Spade's IG lives, following his widely discussed spin battle with OVO Sound's DJ Night Owl Sound earlier this week. Rih noticed that a certain NBA star—Mr. —was among the many viewers in her company, so she decided to roast him about his currently contagious state  "Is KD allowed in here?” Rih asked the "crowd." "Should I wear a mask to live?” Later, she followed her joke up with a sincere message about KD's health. "But foreal get well soon KD," she wrote. Before he could respond, she continued clowning him by commenting, "Back with my mask! @easymoneysniper wya?” KD eventually acknowledged her playful disses with a diss his own, bringing up Rihanna's recent at-risk travels. "Yo Robyn didn’t u just come from Europe?”

The two them continued to go back and forth with the clap backs, keeping it all in good fun. Catching wind that his buddy, KD, and the lowkey love his life—I mean, friendly ex were engaging in witty banter, Drake decided to join in on the conversation.  after hanging out with KD  the Brooklyn Nets star tested positive for coronavirus. , but apparently he still thinks Rih and KD should stop making light the virus. "We have to dead the treyfive corona jokes," Drizzy wrote, in hopes that either them would respond. However, as far as we can tell, neither Rih nor KD saw the comment, or, even, worse, they simply ignored it.

Rihanna Teases Kevin Durant About Coronavirus, Drake IntervenesCole Burston/Getty s

While she may not have engaged with him this time around,  in DJ Spade's aforementioned spin battle live session. The exchange involved Drake trolling Rihanna about releasing new music (), and Rih subsequently roasting Drake for acting "thirsty." Here's hoping DJ Spade keeps up the live sessions, so we can see more Drake and Riri's antics.