The world continues to crumble but it hit especially hard when Azriel Clary decided to leave his side. Over the past few years, friends and family have urged her to return home and stay away from Kellz. She finally sas well as Joycelyn Savage last year, returning back to her parents while acknowledging the harm that Kelly caused her.

R. Kelly's Ex Azriel Clary Slams Troll Who Called Her An "Insult" To Victims
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Of course, her decision to part ways was met with support and criticism. Kelly apologists have been at her neck on claims that she’s either a traitor not an actual victim the alleged *** crimes she’s accused Kelly . Most recently, a woman slid in the comments a recent Facebook post where she claimed that Clary was a “joke and an insult to real victims.”

“Victims expose their bodies that’s very funny, you a joke and an insult to real victims abuse shame on you, you really disgust me as a woman who has been abused,” the person wrote in the comments a collection relatively innocuous photos.

“everyone copes different. the key to healing is finding self confidence and self love.. something it sounds like you still haven’t found.. and I’m sorry for that. I’m a survivor and why should I not be able to wear a bathing suit like any other woman and not be confident? Why can’t i not wear shorts and feel comfortable in my skin? Nothing you just said was cute or funny,” Clary responded. “Don’t take your anger out on me because I do not heal the way you heal. And more importantly don’t take your anger out on me because I’m healing and you maybe you never got the chance or help to.. I will pray for you. ???‍♀️ and whether you “think” I’m a victim or not, I know what I’ve gone through, and I know I would never wish any other woman to deal with what I dealt with. And if I have to be the underdog, and take all the scrutiny, backlash, humiliation, and punches for them I will.. as long as it gives someone else the strength to come forward.”

The post itself served as a public apology to her family who pleaded with her to return home over the past few months. “Family is everything, and more than anything I’m thankful my family and the world prayed for me and welcomed me with loving arms. I am now mature enough to put my pride to the side and apologize for all the humiliation and embarrassment I’ve put my family through,” she wrote. “please do not degrade victims.. people will kill for love if told to do so.. I’m just thankful my prior relationship never led to that extent. abuse is a real thing, physically, mentally, and verbally.”

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R. Kelly's Ex Azriel Clary Slams Troll Who Called Her An "Insult" To Victims