Polo G is making sure he takes good care of his OG. The Chicago rapper has purchased his mother a new home in Atlanta.

Polo G’s mom, Stacia Mac, doubles as his manager and detailed the purchase, fulfilling a promise, on Instagram.

“As my son @polo.capalot embarked on his career, as a professional recording artist, he promised he’d Create a life for our family free of struggle and/or lack,” Mac wrote. “I decided to relocate to ATL in September 2020. Today my son purchased my dream home! I showed him the home and he didn’t flinch. His response was ‘what you need?’”


She added “To say I’m appreciative is an understatement. Thank you son! Thank you for being a man of your word. Thank you for giving me things, that at times, I was unable to provide you or myself. I love you and I’m eternally grateful.”

And now, words from Polo G.

You can see his mom’s post below.

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