After appearing on the “Intro” track on Busta Rhymes’s new ELE 2: The Wrath Of God album, it’s time to “Rejoice,” again, as its new Pete Rock!

For the last 30 years, Pete Rock has produced some of Hip-Hop’s most celebrated sounds. Amid a Grammy Award-winning career that includes production, rapping, and DJ’ing, he now expands his repertoire by forming The Soul Brothers.

With his forthcoming PeteStrumentals 3 album, Pete takes one of the most trusted franchises in Hip-Hop in an organic direction. “A lot of this album sounds like samples extracted from records. We dress it up and add definition to what it is. It’s Hip-Hop, but have you ever heard Pete Rock not sample anything or work with a band? It’s exciting. I’m a musician, whether I’m sampling or not,” Pete declares. “Music is music; it’s what I think about it all day, every day.”

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