In the midst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which continues to ravage the United States, people have been living on edge as they await further developments. As such, tolerance for reckless or dangerous behavior has been met with nothing short an iron-fisted response. Especially given the disturbing increase in bodily-fluid-related vandalism, as recently exhibited by a deplorable delivery worker who decided it would be a good idea to . Unfortunately for the unidentified man, his disgusting act was caught on video surveillance. 

Package-Spitting Amazon Delivery Man Officially Fired

Following a justifiable outrage across social media, TMZ reports that the company has since taken the wise course action and fired the fending employee. Though he was not ficially employed by Amazon, but rather delivering on their behalf through a third party, the report indicates that the sales giant was disgusted by the man’s conduct and moved to make sure his termination became a reality. 

We’ve already seen serious legal charges being threatened upon anybody behaving in such a fashion. After deliberately , a woman is facing charges terroristic threats. It’s unclear whether Amazon nor the company previously representing the disgraced deliveryman will be pursuing criminal charges, but one thing is certain — it’s going to be hard to explain the nature his termination to the unemployment bureau.