Over the weekend, a Norwegian university decided to bash the United States healthcare system in a message that was intended for their students who had traveled abroad.

In wake the coronavirus pandemic, the Norwegian University Science and Technology posted a message on its Facebook page Saturday afternoon, encouraging its students who are studying in countries with “poorly developed health services and infrastructure” to return home to reduce their chances contracting the coronavirus. In fact, they actually name drop the U.S. in the process, saying “This applies especially if you are staying in a country with poorly developed health services and infrastructure and/or collective infrastructure, for example the USA.”

The university reportedly backtracked its initial thought by editing the same message on its Facebook page and removing “for example the USA.” They now have “this applies regardless country.” on the website.

Of course, this shade caught the attention many people on twitter, who decided to sound f on our healthcare system and side with the university’s jab. Check out some those responses (below).