DJ VIP, 's ficial tour DJ, spoke to REVOLT TV in a new installment  Tour Tales that was released today -- the  Recounting memorable times on tour and the possibilities a tribute show, DJ VIP touched on the possibility new music being released. There's apparently a bank unreleased music from Nipsey Hussle but DJ VIP said that there aren't any immediate plans to his knowledge to release any it.

"First all, if any music ever comes out, it’s going to be with the blessing Sam Asghedom] (Nipsey’s brother) and the family. So, at this point, that’s something they would have to answer," he said. "Right now, there’s a ton  Nipsey music that hasn’t been released that is original Nipsey music. But, that’s up to them. At this point, there are no plans for anything to come out in the immediate future."

He explained that the new music Nipsey recorded post-Victory Lap found him in a whole other zone than anyone's ever heard him in. 

"There are a couple that is sickly chilling. To hear them in the context now, it sounds like he knew his future. I won’t go into too many details on what it is, but you can tell that he was just tapped into something else," he said about some the few unreleased tracks he's heard. "He wasn’t saying a bunch stuff in every song just to say every situation is applicable to him. He was painting very clear pictures. There’s a couple songs that are really eerie to hear because the context the situation now."