It seems unbelievable that we're approaching the in just four days. Since news first circulated that the beloved rapper had been gunned down in a callous shooting in front his Marathon Clothing store, there have been rumors regarding what led up to Nipsey's final moments. His alleged killer, Eric Holder, has remained behind bars for the better part a year. As we near the start date his trial, BBC Three that the rapper was killed for ignoring street rules.

Nipsey Hussle Accused Of Acting "Untouchable" By Gang Members In Doc
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Filmmaker Ben Zand not only interviewed Los Angeles Police Department ficials, but he also spoke to members the community where Nipsey grew up. A man named Sedrick from the Eight Tray Gangster Crips in L.A. weighed in with his thoughts on why Nipsey was killed. “Nipsey was stupid, he was stupid,” the gang member and local businessman said. “ going to protect him when he got that money.”

Sedrick added that it especially when his fame reached new heights. "It’s too risky, there’s too many dudes that aren’t gonna like you," he added. "Nipsey for one, he should have never been at that store without security. He thought he was untouchable.” Sedrick reportedly also touched on the rumors that Eric Holder was called a "snitch" before the shooting. “That’s the worst thing you can say,” he said. "You gotta go kill that n***** man, I’ll call you if you call me a snitch and I ain’t a snitch.” Watch clips from The Mysterious Murder  documentary below.