is remembering the late with some custom artwork on his 1964 SS Impala. Tuesday, March 31st marked the one year anniversary Nipsey’s untimely death, and many his friends, family members, and supporters paid tribute to the legend in their own ways. , while athletes like Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving paid tribute to him on social media. Nipsey’s partner, , which she shared with the world Instagram.

Nick Cannon Pimps Out Car In Honour Of Nipsey HussleSer Baffo/Getty s for BET

Some, like Nick Cannon, went above and beyond with their tributes to the rapper and activist. In honour Nipsey’s signature mantra, Nick got some custom blue art work Nipsey’s likeness along with the words, “The Marathon Continues,” painted on his 1964 SS Impala. The photos, which can be seen here, show three different images Nipsey painted on the trunk the car, along with the checkered flag symbol that’s come to be associated with his catch phrase. The street signs denoting the intersection Crenshaw Blvd and Slauson Avenue are also shown, along with some angel wings.

Nick Cannon Pimps Out Car In Honour Of Nipsey HussleRich Fury/Getty s

Nick reportedly commissioned Jr. Kustoms to do the paint job roughly two months ago, in anticipation the anniversary Nipsey’s death. The Impala is currently being held at Nick’s NCredible Motorsports warehouse in L.A. Following Nipsey’s passing, , a self-described healer who claimed to have the cure for various fatal illnesses before he was mysteriously killed. However, Nick has yet to give any updates on whether he has made any progress with that venture.