Nazo Bravo Highlights Rap Vibes On “Fadeaway”

Nazo Bravo Highlights Rap Vibes On “Fadeaway”

Buckle up for a new release by the American rapper and actor Nazo Bravo. The hit track titled “Fadeaway” is jam-packed with massive beats from many heavy genres and each one with a flavor of its own. His signature sound involves constructing unique grooves and making original interpretations of novel lyrics.

Besides being a model rapper, his aspirations have continued to grow into the acting world. He has just finished filming 3 episodes from the upcoming season 3 of The Family Business, as he plays the invigorating Russian oligarch Demetri Igor.

Catch Nazo Bravo’s lead track on an idiosyncratic rap track with an intricate, percussion-led groove and highly creative use of vocals. Packed with a phenomenal energy and fiery lyrics, the authentic track slaps with a thick bassline.

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