Mulatto will not tolerate the fake energy, even if they are family.

The rise and success of ATL rapper Mulatto has been well documented. Throughout 2020 the 22-year-old rapper consistently proved that she is more than a rising star. Instead, her time is now. It began with the release of “Muwop” with Gucci Mane, followed by her debut album release Queen of The Souf. Since then her eccentric personality and ability to connect with her supporters, has sky-rocketed her to become of many leading women in Hip-Hop.

With her newfound-fame, success, and status, she has received some unwanted requests from relatives with no actual relations to her. She recently took to Twitter to voice her frustrations.


“Why THE F*CK family I don’t have a relationship w asking me for sh*t??? Fuck you #respectfully,” she started. “This why I be on defense all the time. Sh*t is a blessing and curse.”

This is a frequent occurrence for a number of successful people. Family members may feel entitled to her wealth. But in the words of Drake, “B*tch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym?” Big Latto received support from her followers for her unwillingness to give anything to family members she isn’t familiar with.

On the other hand, the “Sex Lies” rapper recently gifted her mother and little sister with new whips for Christmas. As you can see, her parent and sibling are immediate family that Mulatto is close to and they are the beneficiaries of her success.

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