Tiger King has taken the world by storm in this time need. For those who have been living under a rock,  who has his very own zoo in Oklahoma. , as well as an arch-nemesis by the name Carole Baskin. Things didn’t exactly end too well for Exotic but he has certainly left his mark on the entire world. At this point, Joe is a legend the internet and will never live down the legacy he put forward.

Mike Tyson is clearly a fan the documentary because today, he took to his Instagram account with his very own tiger photo. Of course, Tyson had his own tigers back in the day and used to pose with them. In this throwback snapshot, Tyson is reclaiming his throne as the rightful Tiger King.

Tyson and Exotic are both pretty eccentric personalities so their shared love tigers shouldn’t be all that surprising. Tyson is an animal lover in general and even has quite the array pigeons. Perhaps, for now, Tyson can take his rightful place as the pigeon king. Considering Exotic’s fall from grace, you have to leave him with something to hang on to.