EA Sports has today announced another update to their brand new Superstar KO Mode, as and get "in the game" as playable characters for the first time. The four artists join fellow hip-hop stars , and who are already playable in-game as unstoppable Superstar Icons.

Joey Bada$$ shared the hype being played by fans everywhere in Madden NFL 20: “I’ve been playing Madden since I was a kid, so to be in the game is really next level – I can’t wait for my fans to see my skills on the field and win with me in Superstar KO.”

Superstar KO, an online exclusive mode, features eight pre-made base teams, each which features different strengths and weaknesses and condensed playbooks. For instance, a run-heavy team, an air-it-out shotgun fense, and another filled with defensive studs. 

Migos & Joey Bada$$ Now Playable Characters In Madden NFL 20

Players will take part in a mini draft prior to the start the game, with the ability to add three players to their roster. These players include current stars like Christian McCaffrey and DeAndre Hopkins, as well as legends like Jerry Rice and Lawrence Taylor. 

As for the gameplay: there are no special teams or game clock. Each team gets one turn on fense (starting at the 25 yard line), and whoever has the highest score moves on to play another game with their squad. If the teams are tied, the game moves into an interesting overtime situation where each team gets three fensive plays to gain as many yards as possible.