It's no secret that has made many enemies throughout his tenure in the game, including a conglomerate Atlanta-based producers from to . The animosity sparked when Russ took shots at the modern-day production landscape, prompting Metro to fire back with a few choice words -- "." And while that particular exchange transpired in April 2018, it would appear the bad blood has yet to fully cool. 

Metro Boomin Clowns Russ' Production Ability

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It's possible you've seen Russ dabbling with soul-samples, a behind-the-scenes clip the multi-platinum rapper uploaded on his Twitter page. In the video, Russ playfully concocts an instrumental in real-time, captioning his movement "#bringsoulsamplesback2020." The video ultimately earned the rapper a few shots for his efforts, with Childish Major and Guapdad 4000 expressing. It didn't end there, as Metro Boomin slid through to get his licks in, having a hearty digital guffaw at Russ' expense.

Where words might fail, emojis can speak a thousand words. Metro seemed to find Russ' soul-sample production particularly amusing, expressing his innermost feelings with a trifecta joyful tear emojis. His disrespect was met with mixed reviews; some felt that Metro was stirring the pot at a convenient time, while others felt that Russ slander is always welcome. Where do you stand on the matter? Should these two bury the hatchet and challenge one another to a beat battle like