Many us are anticipating the next few months to be pretty hellish. As we were prepping our summer bodies, a global pandemic broke out and we likely won't be able to show out at the beach this summer. With social distancing becoming our new reality as we fight to prevent the spread COVID-19, Summer 2020 has effectively been canceled. Music festivals are being postponed, pool parties will not be allowed, and all our travel plans have gone up in smoke. For some reason though, believes that the coming season will be the best ever.

"This probably be the best summer," wrote the Philadelphia rapper on Twitter in an excited manner.

His replies are primarily perplexed, with fans asking why he believes this summer is going to be so special. If we're not allowed outdoors, what can we do that will be so fun? Does Meek Mill know something that we don't?

Of course, this brings to mind the  from Meek Mill. Despite the current state the world, music has remained a constant and many our favorite artists have already invested in home studios, meaning they don't have much to do other than record new vibes. Perhaps Meek Mill will be dropping in the summer? That might be the only thing that could save us at this point.

In other music-related coronavirus news, has considered whether or not to . Hopefully, he comes through.

Meek Mill Confuses Fans With "Best Summer" Tweet
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