Mario released his latest musical effort, Closer to Mars, on Friday along with the sultry visuals for “Pretty Mouth Magick.”

The record introduces his “Baltimore personality” and was inspired by a bisexual woman the singer dated he told us in a virtual interview. “The record is basically saying I can f*ck you better than a woman could or a guy could,” the R&B veteran said.

The five-track project was delayed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and out of respect for the injustices in the world. He incorporated the record “Rewrite it” to stress the importance of us being in control of our own narratives.


“Each song is a completely different vibe,” he said and now the world can hear for ourselves.

Mario is quarantined, just like the rest of the world, in Los Angeles with his girlfriend and the lockdown made him realize something about himself. “I like relationships, I like the consistency … It definitely was a positive experience for me. It showed me a lot about shadow work with somebody and living with somebody.”

When asked about finally starting a family, Mario claimed he’s a father of three. It’s almost hard to believe because he initially joked that he had eight kids then clarified he had two boys and a girl.

Mario is in control of the information that’s out in the world about him, so it’s very possible for him to quietly start a family without the world knowing.

The 34-year-old is gearing up to release a book about spirit psychology. He thinks this information is more “interesting and valuable” than a memoir and he’s not “trying to relive different things.”

Mario is in a different space creatively and that’s apparent when you listen to Closer to Mars.

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