that has been making its way throughout the entire world and is ravaging the United States, pretty badly. Numerous NBA players who had the virus are starting to be cleared it which is great news.  and now, Smart is 100 percent COVID-19 free, as well.

Smart recently took to his social media where he made the revelation. As he explains, the virus is no longer in his body and that he hopes everyone takes social distancing seriously, moving forward.

"Corona Free as two days ago. Cleared by Mass Dept Health. Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers and I’m doing the same for everyone that’s been effected by this. Stay safe and stay together- apart! Much love!" Smart wrote.

Now that NBA players are starting to recover, the idea restarting the season in the summer is gaining steam. If everyone can stay healthy while making it through the peak the virus, we could get back to sports much sooner than later. While this is a lty goal, it is certainly doable.

Hopefully, all you are able to stay safe during this trying time.