Love might be in the air today (Feb. 14) because of Valentine's Day, but a few artists have channeled that romantic sensation into their sweet new releases. 

Handpicked from Justin Bieber's fifth studio album ChangesTame Impala's fourth project The Slow Rush and more, here is Billboard's Valentine's Day bundle of songs that listeners will absolutely fancy.


Justin Bieber, "That's What Love Is"

Bieber's love for his wife Hailey weaves itself throughout his entire new LP, but "That's What Love Is" has a more intimate meaning and even debuted at a more intimate setting: their wedding. He first performed the song live in South Carolina during their private wedding reception, as seen in the eigth episode of his YouTube docuseries Justin Bieber: Seasons. "That one's about not everything needs to be physical," he says during the clip. "It's like, I love her without even needing to touch her."

COIN, "Valentine"

The synth-rock band delivers a single with the holiday's namesake, but the breezy new wave tune feels more bittersweet. In an interview with Substream Magazine, lead vocalist Chase Lawrence said, "'Valentine' is allowing yourself to -- goals, opportunities, your career, relationship, for me it was relationship. Allowing yourself to be so in it that you submit it to obviously make you but completely break you." Despite the main subject singing out of despair, COIN finds hope in the heartbreaking moment with a reassuring outro, "Take your time I'll be around."

Cavetown, "Sweet Tooth"

The English singer-songwriter compares falling in love with someone to developing a sweet tooth, its sugar-coated lyrics redefining what a sappy love song sounds like. And what it looks like, according to the music video, is bouquets of white roses and sunflowers being drizzled with syrup and decorated with sprinkles in a delectable visual. "Never had a cavity/ Never had nobody as sweet as you," Cavetown croons in the second verse, developing almost two sweet of an addiction for the apple of his eye. If only it was as healthy as an apple. 

Tame Impala, "Instant Destiny" 

In a similar vein with Bieber's pick up top, Tame Impala's Kevin Parker professes his love for wife Sophie Lawrence, whom he married a year ago on Feb. 9, 2019. He views the permanence of marriage as an opportunity for constant adventure, from getting a home in Miami, Fla. to tattooing each other's names. "Let's be reckless with our futures," Parker described "Instant Destiny" on Apple Music. "The only thing special about the past is that it got us to where we are now. Free from feeling sentimental…we don’t owe our possessions anything. Let’s do something that can’t be undone just ’cause we can. The future is our oyster."

YG & Kehlani, "Konclusions" 

Ride-or-dies YG and Kehlani rang in V Day as a couple with their joint single "Konclusions," and the only konclusion they're drawing is "I'm the one you run to/ And I always come through/ Nothing I won't do," according to the chorus sung by "Baelani," a timely nickname for the R&B singer that YG whipped out to promote their special track on Instagram. "Konclusions" marks their first-ever collaboration, and the seducative cover art features YG kissing a red dress-clad Kehlani on her neck. How could it possibly get more romantic than that? YG got her name tattooed earlier this month. 

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