. Anybody who paid to go see Weezy in concert instantly regretted copping tickets. Sitting through a Blink-182 show wouldn't exactly be difficult -- they've got tons hits -- but if you're solely a fan Tunechi and didn't care for the other headliners, a bunch money just got lost from your bank account. Thankfully, Wayne came through today to confirm that he is actually not leaving the tour, despite contrary reports.

Lil Wayne Confirms He's NOT Quitting Blink-182 Tour After Storming Off Stage
Theo Wargo/Getty s

The superstar rapper from Louisiana sent out a message to his fans a few moments ago, ensuring that the tour will continue as it was planned. "Yesterday was krazy," said the artist, referring to his little meltdown on stage. "But I want all my fans to know I won’t be quitting this tour! I’m having too much fun with my bros blink-182. Bangor,ME See you tomorrow!"

That's great news for anybody that was hoping to see Tunechi this summer. It's not every day that you get to witness a show that meshes the best rock and rap together and with Blink calling on Wayne to tour with them, that's exactly what's happening. We'll have to keep an eye on the remaining dates to see if Wayne truly is fed up.