Last year, . That project has not yet arrived and if he's been perfecting it since then, you can bet that we're about to receive something special. The Detroit spitter hasn't come through with any updates recently but he has been easing himself back into the world social media, which could be a good sign. After , he may be inspired to finish up his next body work and a familiar duo could be forming for a new collaboration on it.

Lil Wayne & Big Sean Go "Bar-For-Bar" In Studio After DJ Khaled Session
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Posting a series photos on his Instagram page, stood next to , who he has worked with in the past, and teased fans by saying that the two veterans went "bar-for-bar" in the studio. The prospect that is incredibly exciting. . In conjunction with his headlining tour with Blink-182, Tunechi is supposedly releasing an album so he and Sean Don might have a bars-heavy single on that.

The photo in question reads: "After SNL that night went to the Stu on some bar for bar type shit, sun came up on us!"  and they decided to link up in the studio to create some more magic. What are you hoping to hear out this session?